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    Alain, I cannot confirm this statement. I works for me for another column for one of the standard tags (Import Date), as well as for a custom tags. However, in general there a several tags* (e.g. Keywords, Categories ...), which do not allow sorting - neither in the Details View nor by selecting in the Sort By field. * I don't know what prevents a tag from being sortable. I assume, "multiple can be assigned" is one of the restrictions.
  2. Egon, the number 8 is the shortcut to select color label "Brown" (same like Ctrl+8 sets a rating and F or X a flag). This means, at the time, you typed 48, the focus what not the Quick Search field on top of the display, but the thumbnail area. This also happened to me in the past several times.
  3. True, this did change very recently just a couple of versions ago. In fact, I believe, I did report it and was just going to search my post on that issue, since I did not get any response yet.
  4. Even with a static IP address, you probably need to configure the firewall in your router to accept requests from the Internet for that port. If you want to use it only by yourself, setting up VPN is a more secure solution.
  5. Good point! I was wondering too ...
  6. What exactly was the problem, Uwe? Version control basically does work for me in Build 2095, but when I have more than one version of the same image, the option View does not work for the oldest one (black screen while showing "Rendering"). I while ago, the client got hung, when I tried to Undo a checkout, but I did not further investigate into that issue and always use Check In now, even when I did not apply any changes to the item checked out. Even though, I did work several times, I believe, I had a problem once to Revert to this Revision in the Item Audit History, but since retrievin
  7. It seems to me, the following SQL statement reveals the IDs for all items which - for what reason, I don't know - did not get labeled and even when you select them again and choose Action -> Generate Labels, nothing happens: select * from cloudvision where value = '[ ]' The bracket space bracket ('[ ]'), is what I found in my database for all - or at least many - of those problematic items.
  8. As I said above, the second SQL statement shows you the item IDs, which you can easily enter in to Quick Search field, in order to find all information the item(s). Make sure to select 'Any Words' 'Item Id', deselect all other options and enter multiple IDs separated by a space.
  9. I noticed this too,and I'm glad not being the only one experiencing this issue 😎, but it seems those are less than 1% of all requests Just today, I worked with Valery to correct and catch the issue. From 90 items, I identified, he was able to get 78 tagged. Still 12 "refused" being tagged. If you are able, to use SQL, there two ways: 1. To see the number of requests for AI Labels this month (up to this second) to avoid exceeding the monthly free 1,000 requests, you can use. However, there is no guarantee, this number is exactly the same as Google's billing. So far, it was cor
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    Agree, but this gives me the confidence, it can and will be solved quickly.
  11. As far as I can see, it is working correctly after installing Build 2086 and 2089 👍.
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    Works correctly for me in Home Server 5.4 2086 (and 2089) when I access a catalog on the server, but I can confirm that Filename, File Size, Creation Datetime (and probably other tags) are not sorted correctly, when I open a local catalog. However, I just noticed another strange behavior: When you started the client in the past, it would open the same selection query, which was used, when you closed the client. Now, it opens always with the same query. In my case a certain project is selected. Very likely, it was the selection I used before upgrading to 2086. However, the "Sort By" s
  13. To make it just a little easier: F3 rotates 90° counter clock wise or F4 clock wise (for those like me, who hate mouse clicks 😁 ) In theory, once the process to detect AI labels recognizes an object, it should also be able to understand its orientation .... or am I wrong? 🤔 Not only for scanned pictures. Some camera models (even some newer Nikon models) don't record an orientation tag and it drives me crazy, if the photographer is not consistent in making portrait style pictures - some with the left hand up, others vice versa.
  14. Agree, but more than 8GB doesn't seem to be necessary neither. I had the impression, using an SSD for Windows, all programs and thumbnail cach (while media items and PostgreSQL reside on a traditional hard disk) brought the biggest improvement in my case. But I also have a dual core 2.2GHz processor i5-5200U, which is more powerful than Rene's D510.
  15. @Peter, I agree and would prefer that too, since Alt-Tab is the fastest way to navigate between various windows! For that, I use a different approach: For the Map (as well as the Tags and sometimes also for Tags #2), I use free floating panels. While not using them, I move them down to the bottom of the display, while not needed. Only the Properties panel stays docked at the right most of the time.
  16. Same here. I am still on Build 2033 and not aware of any newer test build approaching this issue.
  17. As far as I know, there is no way to automatically link images with similar file names. However, for myself I found a workaround: 1. If the file names are exactly the same, i.e. including the extension (obviously they mus exist in different folders), you open the properties and click on the file name: In the thumbnail area, you see all images with exactly the same file name (but residing in different folders). 2. If the file names are not exactly the same, for example, if they are of different media type (e.g. JPG and RAW), then you start with step 1 described above (and very li
  18. The same is true for the Home Server 6.3 (2033). The fact that the country can be found, is not very useful. Instead location and city would be extremely helpful. I'd also appreciate, if the date for Creation Datetime could be used in the filter.
  19. After accidentally or purposely deleting one or more AI Labels generated via the Google Cloud Vision API, there seems to be no way to recover them. Apparently, the AI Labels are not written to metadata via Sync or Write Tags to File and therefore cannot be restored by reading the metadata from the image file. Performing Actions -> Generate AI Labels again does not do anything (which is good, since it might incur additional fees by Google). There are (at least) two ways to delete AI Labels: Performing an Item -> Actions -> Read Tags from file deletes all existing AI Labels
  20. Thank you Germie. Also a Happy New Year to you and everybody on the forum! 🍀
  21. Ah know I understand, the 2 in your screen shot shows the Windows explorer not the Daminion catalog. Seems the Import Dialog always shows the last destination folder and does not care, if you selected another folder in the thumbnail view. I agree, it would be helpful, if the path would be pre-filled with the currently selected folder. However, the thumbnail is usually based on other selections, instead of the content of a single folder.
  22. According to my understanding, dragging a file to the thumbnail area is meant to import new items (i.e. the same as Add Files ... Ctrl+I) into the catalog, but not to move items already known in the catalog. Not sure, what your intention was, when you dragged an item. If you want to to move it from one folder to another, the correct way would be Item -> Export -> Copy to folder ... F7 .
  23. Yes, it they are. Once you found such a mismatch, it is easy to solve, but the real difficulty is to find all images where auto-sync failed in the past .
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