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  1. II tried several different settings preferences. Specially the "Add compatibility ..." I switched on and off, but also the option for RAW support, even though I am not using RAW. Here is the current setting:
  2. True! I just verified, also iView only highlights the parent, when the tag was explicitly assigned. My point was mainly regarding which color is better for highlighting. I find it hard to locate the grey italic terms.
  3. After adding a new Categories tag to a JPG image, an Item -> Action -> Write Tags to file does not seem to do anything. Although the Modified time stamp is updated, the new tag neither shows up in GeoSetter nor in PhotoMe. I also tried to import the image into Expression Media 2 without any results. Being new to Daminion, I might have made a mistake or understood some thing wrong regarding how Write Tags to file is supposed to work ...? Using Daminion 3.3 (1025) standalone on Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1. thanks
  4. I completely agree with Rene. The highlighting in grey color and italic seems very hard to see. I liked very much the way iView (a.k.a Expression Media) shows those tags in blue color and the parent tags in blue and bold.
  5. Is the Find duplicates supposed to work correctly in build 1024? I installed the latest build today and noticed Duplicates under Saved Searches, which showed 911 search results right away after starting. However, I did not see any pairs of similar pictures in the search result and none of 911 seemed to me as being a candidate for having any duplicates. But how can I tell for sure? Furthermore, after doing some other changes in the catalog, the number of "duplicates" slowly reduced, showing 897 now. Meanwhile, I noticed whenever I perform an Item -> Action -> Read Tags from
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