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  1. Backup, creating a new catalog and restoring the backup to it did not help 😞 . Btw. this process (backup, create catalog, restore) is not so straight forward: To be able to perform the restore, I needed to boot windows and after restoring successfully the the Daminion server is stopped "silently" without any warning.
  2. Additional information: The problem seems to be in the catalog. Using the catalog, I created from a backup last week, works fine. Same for two other older and smaller catalogs. This confirms my suspicion, the problem is related to the Optimize, I ran last Saturday. Next step will be creating a backup (unfortunately, I did not before running optimize 😞 ) and restore it to new catalog.
  3. Hi Daria, after performing an Optimize (which might have caused other problems 😞 ... please see my post of last night), I saw 9 times 1/125 with count zero. After restarting the client (or simply waiting some time?), all nine disappeared:
  4. Whenever I start entering something into the filter field of the tag tree, I get an "Unhandled exception". I am using Windows 10 Pro Version 2004 (Build 19041.508). Although I usually use the search quite often, I cannot tell for sure, it ever did work in Build 2233. I tried to restart the client, the server and also Windows without success. The problem also appears on another client PC with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Version 2004 as well as an older one with Windows 10 Home 32 bit Version 1607. The Details are: Problem Details Sep 13 2020.txt
  5. Optimize merges those tags correctly, but doesn't remove the tags with zero entries. Correction: The zero entries disappeared after closing and restarting the client.
  6. Ok, this I can clearly reproduce: After adding a category with Geosetter and then Read Tags from File, the shutter speed also appears as separate tag, which it did not before. Normally, in my workflow, I run GeoSetter to assign the Geo tag and some bulk metadata before importing the image into Daminion. This explains, why I see much fewer duplicate tags compared to Uwe's results.
  7. So far, I neither used Shutter Speed nor Aperture in the tags tree. Adding it just for a test, doesn't look as dramatic as Uwe's example, but there are indeed duplicate entries. However, the majority seems to be correct (19,297 versus 1,1,1,1). Funny, this clarified some thing else: I never liked the fact that you don't see the focal length in the properties, but I just learned, you can select it in the tag tree (but still don't see it in the properties where in should be imho 😞 ) Similar for the Aperture
  8. WilfriedB

    Build 2233

    Hi Pictor, I did not try to download the standalone version, but when you download the server version, you get a zip-file containing DaminionClientSetup-, which does indeed install build 2233. At least in the past, this was identical to the standalone version.
  9. I also noticed today that Check for Update in the client menu brings an old result, but you should find the latest version here: https://daminion.net/download-server?showbuttons
  10. Hi Daria, I was reflecting about the rational behind your request: Although creating a new catalog would build the structure of the database from scratch, restoring the old backup should recover everything from the old catalog. I made another test now: Created a new catalog and did not restore the backup, but imported the directory which produced above results. The result, however is the same:
  11. After discussing Uwe's issue, we both came to the conclusion, there must have been a misunderstanding, how sorting should work and did work in the past. However, dealing with a large number of scanned images, I ran into a similar issue now. During the process of identifying scans from old color slides, I rename the files frequently. One reason for doing so, is to change the year from two (e.g. 93) to four digits (1993). Doing so with the files in a big folder, it also seemed to me some files got lost, but in reality the appeared in an unexpected position. The example below shows the item
  12. Yes, I understand Murat, but as of my knowledge, you need to request a key and register your credit card information even if you never reach the 1000 requests per month, otherwise you don't get it to work. Or is there a another configuration possibility, I am not aware of?
  13. Also works fine for me now in Build 2216. However, if you had Show last Import open, when you closed the client, it opens Show All after restarting. Possibly this was always the case and I never noticed it before.
  14. Just installed Build 2216 which solved the problem πŸ‘ Thanks a lot!
  15. For big groups of items, I often exclude, I use a color tag. It is faster to add to a query then to select a saved search.
  16. Uwe, I assume manually. Daria, correct? In fact I am doing so since several years,by copying and pasting the URL immediately after uploading. Then, I wrote a program which opens the browser, if it finds valid URLs in one or mor of those tags. I can imagine something automatic only, if the Daminion client would have a function to upload images to some Web sites. However, for Google photos, my program uses Google APIs to search my account based on the file name. Getting this to work was quite complex, but it does work automatically now.
  17. Does "link" just mean a link to a file on the server or any kind of URL? The latter sounds very interesting to me. Over time I found several reasons for storing URLs in tags for an image.
  18. Hi Murat, attached are my translations. As of my knowledge the statement on line 103: "You can auto-tag your images by AI. First 1000 images are free of charge to you. Further usage of the auto-tagging feature requires obtaining a Google Vision key." is not correct. Even though 1000 images can be AI tagged free of charge every month, you do need a Google vision key in any case. Daminion-DE WilfriedB.xls
  19. This time, I was able to install and start the client on a different PC (Windows 10 version 1607). It shows the same behavior as on the server. Interesting on both clients, what works an what does not: - Clicking a menu or right clicking a thumbnail, results in the "unhandled exception". However, after clicking Continue the main menu opens and the File, Edit or Catalog submenus or can be used normally, but the Item, Window, Help or Ask Question items only open occasionally (not sure, when) and the context menu for a thumbnail never opens. - Keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl+F4 o
  20. Thank you Katerina. Just installed it and the problem still occurs. Interestingly, I was able to open the menu once to change the language*, but the next click on the menu or right mouse click on a media item causes the attached exception. * The language of my Windows 10 is German, whereas I prefer to rum Daminion in English. Each time, I install a new version, it starts in German and I have to change the language again. Not a big problem, but this used to work better several years ago, if I remember correctly 😞 Informationen über das Aufrufen von JIT-Debuggen anstelle dieses Dia
  21. Daria, it always starts with the search I used before upgrading to the next version in April 2018. This was probably upgrading from 5.8 (1765) to 6.0 (1819), but not exactly sure, about the versions. Since that time, the same search opens, whenever I start the client. I guess, the same is true for @Volker, obviously in his case, it was a different search at the time.
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