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  1. As I just learned from Kate, the issue could be reproduced. More interestingly though, there is another possibility, I never realized until now: When you search for any of the date fields instead of entering a specific date, you can also select today,  yesterday, this month, last month, this year an Last N Days.  Selecting today works fine, when "equals 14.Okt 2020" does not.


  2. It seems, this only happens, if the date is today! Trying it again with the images of yesterday works fine, but I first noticed it a couple of days ago - also with the pictures taken the same day.

    Playing a bit with images imported today, I can confirm the above. However, it only occurs when I use the Advanced search, while I see all thumbnails (Show All). If another selection is shown (e.g. Categories Equal) or if I right click the date in the properties of one image and click Select 'dd.mm.yy' in the tag tree, it works fine. So, there are several workarounds.

    If it cannot be reproduced, this might play a role: I am using the English user interface for Daminion, but German locale and a German Windows 10 Version 20H2.

  3. Are you referring to stand alone or the server version? In either case, I'm not sure if there is any best way, but according to my own experience catalog and and photos can be in completely different folders.  The waste majority of my images reside in D:\photos\yyyy\mm\dd but some are in different sub folders of photos or even in the root or other drives. When I used the the standalone version until two years ago, the catalog was in d:\photos\Daminion catalogs , i.e. at the same level as all the years D:\photos\yyyy. After migrating to the server version, the database resides in D:\PostgreSQL\Data, while the thumbnails are on C:, which is an SSD.

  4. 1 hour ago, dc8studio said:

    or is everywhere only option

    Yes, you can setup a search for any combination of tags.

    1 hour ago, dc8studio said:

    search bar

    When you say "search bar" you mean the Quick Search? It does not support operators but multiple search terms.  In the pull-down menu, you can decide to search Everywhere or for one or more tags. However, for more complicated searches you can either use Advanced or create a Saved Search.

  5. While the SQL Update did not do me any good, it did have some negative side effect. Since yesterday was the first of the month, it was easy to see, how many requests have been performed and charged to my Google account. This morning, I was surprised seeing "513 count" for my Label Detection Operations on the Billing page of the Google Cloud Platform, but I requested only 125 (or 126?) items to Auto Generate Tags yesterday. To understand, what happened, I ran this SQL select:

    select * from cloudvision where enddate >= date_trunc('month', CURRENT_DATE) order by value desc;

    Even more confusing: The result showed 540 rows! A closer look revealed:

    • 125 rows where value like '[ { "mid": "%'     
      Correct, I verified those to be items, I requested yesterday and they are tagged correctly
    • 26 rows where error like('Status(StatusCode=ResourceExhausted%')
    • 1 row where error = 'not found thumbnail'
      This seems to be an item I requested AI tags for several months ago, but meanwhile deleted that image
    • 388 rows where value = '[ ]'
      And this is problem: No AI tags generated, but the requests are charged against my Google account (388 + 125 = 513)

    Only one of the 388 failed requests is a newer image I probably requested yesterday, but no AI tags were generated for it.

  6. Tried now another update with '[ ]' (i.e. one space) and many more than 19 rows were updated. Trying the request AI labels again, I found this error:

    Status(StatusCode=ResourceExhausted, Detail="Resource has been exhausted (e.g. check quota).")   bei System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNonSuccess(Task task)
       bei System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task)
       bei Grpc.Core.Internal.AsyncCall`2.UnaryCall(TRequest msg)
       bei Grpc.Core.Calls.BlockingUnaryCall[TRequest,TResponse](CallInvocationDetails`2 call, TRequest req)
       bei Grpc.Core.DefaultCallInvoker.BlockingUnaryCall[TRequest,TResponse](Method`2 method, String host, CallOptions options, TRequest request)
       bei Grpc.Core.Interceptors.InterceptingCallInvoker.<BlockingUnaryCall>b__3_0[TRequest,TResponse](TRequest req, ClientInterceptorContext`2 ctx)
       bei Grpc.Core.ClientBase.ClientBaseConfiguration.ClientBaseConfigurationInterceptor.BlockingUnaryCall[TRequest,TResponse](TRequest request, ClientInterceptorContext`2 context, BlockingUnaryCallContinuation`2 continuation)
       bei Grpc.Core.Interceptors.InterceptingCallInvoker.BlockingUnaryCall[TRequest,TResponse](Method`2 method, String host, CallOptions options, TRequest request)
       bei Google.Cloud.Vision.V1.ImageAnnotator.ImageAnnotatorClient.BatchAnnotateImages(BatchAnnotateImagesRequest request, CallOptions options)
       bei Google.Api.Gax.Grpc.ApiCall.GrpcCallAdapter`2.CallSync(TRequest request, CallSettings callSettings)
       bei Google.Api.Gax.Grpc.ApiCallRetryExtensions.<>c__DisplayClass1_0`2.<WithRetry>b__0(TRequest request, CallSettings callSettings)
       bei Google.Api.Gax.Grpc.ApiCall`2.<>c__DisplayClass10_0.<WithCallSettingsOverlay>b__1(TRequest req, CallSettings cs)
       bei Google.Api.Gax.Grpc.ApiCall`2.Sync(TRequest request, CallSettings perCallCallSettings)
       bei Google.Cloud.Vision.V1.ImageAnnotatorClientImpl.BatchAnnotateImages(BatchAnnotateImagesRequest request, CallSettings callSettings)
       bei Google.Cloud.Vision.V1.ImageAnnotatorClient.BatchAnnotateImages(IEnumerable`1 requests, CallSettings callSettings)
       bei Google.Cloud.Vision.V1.ImageAnnotatorClient.Annotate(AnnotateImageRequest request, CallSettings settings)
       bei Google.Cloud.Vision.V1.ImageAnnotatorClient.AnnotateSingleFeatureType[T](Type featureType, Func`2 annotationExtractor, Image image, ImageContext context, Int32 maxResults, CallSettings callSettings)
       bei Google.Cloud.Vision.V1.ImageAnnotatorClient.DetectLabels(Image image, ImageContext context, Int32 maxResults, CallSettings callSettings)
       bei CVis.ImageTask.Run() in C:\DaminionAutoGit\code\CVis\ImageTask.cs:Zeile 86.

  7. Thanks Katerina! The update was performed (and committed), but only for a single row:

    UPDATE statement (CLOUDVISION) executed successfully: 1 row affected  - Connection: NetCatalog1: 1428ms

    After that, it was still not possible to get AI labels for those 19 items. Then I tried to request them for a newer image, which worked fine immediately.

  8. Agree, but I am also still curious, why does this happen? After I got to work with the help of a Daminion developer several months ago, I got another 19 items resisting to get AI tags. It is an extremely low percentage, given the fact that I am able to tag 1,000 images each month, but I cannot see any reason, why those are not tagged and the value s set to '[  ]'.

  9. 6 hours ago, dc8studio said:

    s there a way to ignore a filename in a search request and only use metadata in the file?

    The file name can be used in a search request, but it is never mandatory. In fact, as long as you work within the Daminion client, you can completely ignore file name and folder, as long as the metadata tags give you enough details. But you need to make sure in the first place, that all kind of information you did encode in file or folder name, is reflected in a tag.

  10. This doesn't really solve your problem, but maybe works around a little bit, Alain:
    I basically gave up on navigating the tags tree hierarchy manually. Instead, I heavily use the <Filter Tags> to jump directly to a tag or even include/exclude from a search or assigning it to selected items. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for Place and Creation Datetime though  😞 

  11. One of the recent enhancements is the display of big numbers in an abbreviated form (i.e. 100,5k instead of 100,500). While I appreciate this change, I found a case, where on of the numbers is obviously wrong. I don't know, whether 11,5k or 16513 is correct. (Even if you would assume 1k = 1024; 11,5 * 1024 = 11776). My page size is 5000 and this shows on the last of a four page selection:



    The selection was:




    P.S. Apparently, the editor for the forum doesn't delete previously inserted graphics. So, please ignore those below.




    Daminion 11500 or 16513 items.png

    Daminion 11500 or 16513 items.jpg

    Daminion 11500 or 16513 items.png

    Daminion 11500 or 16513 items.png

    Daminion 11500 or 16513 items.png

    Daminion 11500 or 16513 items.png

  12. I agree with Dean.

    On more thing regarding saving searches:

    There should be the possibility to Save, i.e. overwriting the existing saved search without having to key in the complete name again and a Save As, which offers the current name as default that can be changed. Currently, it always shows an empty input field and you need to key in the complete name, risking a typo and you end up have multiple saved searches with slightly similar names and lose track, which is the most recent one.

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  13. 40 minutes ago, Katerina Karpenko said:

    The problem was fixed in the build

    Thank you Katerina, this problem was solved in 2337 (I installed it before I saw your post 🙂 ).

    However, another issue appeared now:

    When I use tag filtering, the keywords (and possibly other tags) are ignored. 


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