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Being an amateur photographer for 40 years or even longer, it is still my favorite hobby. While the passion of taking pictures declined somewhat in the 1980s and 1990s, I bought my first digital compact camera in 2003 while continuing to use an analog SLR and finally moved to a DSLR in 2005. Since then the number of pictures taken increased year by year (~ 8000 in 2013).

Doing IT related work professionally for 35 years; I became somewhat obsessed in organizing all digital images (but never really dived into photo editing). Probably around the year 2003 I learned about the techniques to embed metadata in JPG files started doing so with Friedemann Schmidt's Exifer (which later evolved to GeoSetter).

Not sure, what I found earlier iView Media Pro or The DAM Book by Peter Krogh. In any case, following many of Peter's suggestions, I started with iView Media Pro Version 2 and followed its Odyssey to different vendors, I searched for an appropriate replacement working with Daminion now.

Besides trying to tag my photos as good as I can (never perfect, though), I consistently Geo-tag them based on tracks produced by a GPS-logger or manually with GeoSetter.  Currently I use ImageIngesterPro and GeoSetter now for initial tagging and Picasa 3.9 for face recognition (which still works, even though Google doesn't support it anymore).

After using the Daminion standalone version for a while, I migrated to the Home Sever since it became too slow handling more than 100,000 images. Currently, I have 204,000+ images in my server catalog.

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