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  1. We only have a licence for three concurrent users. We find that sometimes a user may stop using the program, but leave it open on their computer. This often keeps other users from logging in. I would like to see a system setting that the administers can set the number of inactivity minutes before a user would be automatically logged out by Daminion. This would really be a great help to us. As it is, Daminion doesn't seem to have any way to tell the administrators what users are logged in. Having inactive accounts automatically logged out would be preferable to emailing all the users to see who can log out. Sometimes a user is gone for the day, leaving their computer running, and therefore no way to log them out if they are in a different location than I am.
  2. I work with DuncanSIL, and I'll try to explain why it would be good to have this in the "audit trail" for signing out records from Daminion. Although we have lots of pictures, we often find ourselves using some photos more often than we think! If we could see not only where, but when a photo was used it would be helpful in choosing alternatives. Putting the info in a comment is fine, I can't seem to search for example "All photos checked out in last 12 months". Currently the tracking of checking out records, although very thorough, seems to be a bit of a black hole. We put information into it, but it isn't really easy to get at. This could easily start a new post subject, but I would think that if a menu option for usage reports was available it could take advantage of this marvelous audit trail of record usage that accumulates as we sign out/in records (Even emailing and exporting should be put into this audit trail). We could make a report that could have the record ID, filename, and/or whatever tag fields we want complete with the date it was signed out and for what reason. You could even use a report such as this to find all records that have been signed out, but not signed back in (and by who signed them out). As a member of a graphic department, I don't always know who has used what record, and why. I don't have the time to examine every piece that gets produced and mentally note what images have been used. This kind of report would make my job so much easier!
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