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  1. Thanks a lot. I did not find this demo program before and it is quite helpful. I installed it and yes, the problem is now corrected in the current version: the NEF file and the JPG file are both found when I search mésange.
  2. Hello. I am coming back in order to see if there are improvements in order to solve the problem exposed more than 6 years ago, and that is still described at the beginning of this topic. At that time I was testing Daminion version 2. The problem is that the two pictures (the NEF one and the JPEG one) have been tagged simultaneously. ExifTool sees the same word mésange in both files. But Daminion sees mésange in the NEF file and mésange in the JPG file. Consequently, searching mésange does not find the NEF file. From the online user guide https://daminion.net/docs/topics/searching/advanced-search/ I have not seen any novelty from this point of view. Is there some improvement in the recent versions? Can somebody using a recent version of Daminion try with the 2 files given above in the first post? Since there is no demo version of Daminion I cannot test by myself. I had suggested above to build equivalence classes between some sets of characters. Another possibility would be to use jokers like in some search engines (? replaces any character, and * replaces any group of characters). By this way, searching m?sange would solve the problem. Thanks. Gerard.
  3. YES, and also the "a" letters class, and the "i", "o", "u", c-ç-C-Ç, etc... The best way would be a solution - where the user could define his own equivalence classes, - and if it was possible to toggle between the strict search and the search by equivalences. I have detailed why it is a necessary feature elsewhere, and the same holds for every search software...
  4. OK, e and E are also different characters, but the searches make no distinction between them. Probably with a little algorithmic additional module, it could be possible to define equivalent characters classes and solve the problem... That would be a huge enhancement for people using accented characters. Gerard
  5. Hello, I am testing Daminion, and I have a problem with accented letters. When I import these 2 images in a Daminion Catalog, searching "mésange" only returns the JPEG image. This is because the accented letter é inside mésange is not correctly recognized by Daminion in the D71_0396.NEF image. Using the "Show All Metadata" menu (clic on thumbnail of the D71_0396.NEF image, then top right clic on the "Actions" icon, then clic on "Show All Metadata"), it appears that ExifTool reads correctly the XMP and IPTC metadata. By the way, it would be necessary for people using accented letters languages that Daminion could consider that all the letters in the "class" e-é-è-ê-ë-E-É-È-Ê-Ë are equivalent. Are there solutions to these problems? Thanks. Gerard
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