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  1. cr2 are loaded on my server but ORF files are still unsupportet
  2. there was a platform to pull feature requests but it's not used by many people
  3. Ok, thank you. more information following today
  4. I totaly agree, but doing this now after several years, I'm a bit shy of the work to accomplish that. therefore, I would really appreciate such a solution.
  5. Dear Daminion Community, my Daminion Client running on my Windows 10 Pro Surface Book is constantly shutting down while I am doing some searches. Any Ideas on the issue? thanks and stay safe
  6. Dear Daminion Community, I just thought, that it would be pretty nice to "apply some settings" to permanently hide certain file types. I would, e.g. hide the following file types: PSD, and RAW files. The idea came up, when I was just searching for files in the places tag. I tagged all even source files etc. with the places tag and others. When searching I don't need all the source files i have for panoramic and HDR photos. I know, I can do it in the search, but it would be much more convenient to do such thing in the settings menu thanks and stay
  7. I found an open Source program called Digikam. It is a Standalone Software but offers Facial Recognition and some other interesting features. Maybe it is possible to take the facial recognition feature and implement it into Daminion without having to upload photos to the google cloud.
  8. Hey Daria, is there any schedule for adding HEIC support to Daminion? it would really save me loads of time and disc space
  9. sounds like a interesting feature
  10. this sounds very interesting, thanks for sharing
  11. sorry for the delay. I did click on optimize catalogue and than, when this was done, i found Daminion to have trouble loading everything and suddenly this issue occured,. as for a remote session this will be tricky, since it's a clients computer
  12. Dear Community, I installed Daminion Standalone on a client's PC, after optimizing the cataloge I got this error. a few days earler, the same happend. Informationen ├╝ber das Aufrufen von JIT-Debuggen anstelle dieses Dialogfelds finden Sie am Ende dieser Meldung. ************** Ausnahmetext ************** PicaJet.Daminion.Common.WaitTimeoutException: Timeout exception in command: (747) - 0 - 20 ---> Amib.Threading.WorkItemTimeoutException: Work item timeout bei Amib.Threading.Internal.WorkItem.GetResult(Int32 millisecondsTimeout, Boolean exitContext, WaitHandle cancelWait
  13. Thanks Frank, I will continue my research
  14. Hello Daria, thanks. You write there: i7, i9 (Xeon) processor I found this machine: They write XEON E3, would that be ok?
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