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  2. hello, the action "Menu->Catalog->Optimize..." deletes the folder "drive:\...Thumbnail\name_of_the_catalog\Video\NetCatalogx". As log as you don't stop the server Daminion works. But if you stop the server and want to restart you get this error message: You'll get a video by Skype. Regards, Uwe
  3. Hello Lorenz. Right :) It seems a spammer's post (that was deleted them) raised up this post and I thought that this was a new one. Anyway, we rewrote the code logic that is responsible for automatic recognition of installed Daminion Servers in the local network. It works much faster now (in the internal build now). Instead of constantly pushing small UDP packets by Daminion Server now, a newly opened Daminion Client will send a single UDP packet once. It will be catched by Daminion Server and Daminion Client will be informed about this server.
  4. Hi Bobb, I didn't take care of other settings except the ClientCommon.EditWithSettings . If you don't have this section means, that there was no customizing for the "Open with..." action to manage items/files with external applications. Regarding the the other sections I'm not sure if you can copy them 1:1 because there are some "Guid, UniqueID etc" and I don't know if they are valid for any Daminion version or if a new installation creates new identifier. There are Daminion internal client settings and user specific in the settings.xml I guess you want to have a global client settings.xml file to rollout this file to each client? Regards, Uwe
  5. Thanks Murat! That's quite helpful, even two years after my post! 🙂 All the best Lorenz
  6. Hi Uwe, registered as a bug Daria
  7. Thanks for the response Uwe. Sadly, There is no EditWithSettings section in the old settings.xml file. You can see the sections available in the screen snap below. Certainly SearchPatternLogSettings and LayoutSettings have quite a bit of data in them that look like they hold quite a few customizations. The ActionSetSettings has a lot of data in it as well in the nested SerializedActionSets section. Those seem to be the sections with the most data. Any advice on which of these contain the most important kinds of settings? Thanks. Bobb Menk
  8. Hello, the Daminion client shows a wrong value of a custom tag of the type decimal in the Properties Panel. The value in the database is 11,11 as you can see in the screenshot of PgAdmin. Regards, Uwe
  9. Hello, the currency is not saved to the custom tag. Regards, Uwe
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  11. Many other settings (e.g. user defined import filter) are located in the table "params" of the catalog database. Regards, Uwe
  12. If I had to make a new setup I copied the content of the Tag <PicaJet.Daminion.ClientCommon.EditWithSettings> .... </PicaJet.Daminion.ClientCommon.EditWithSettings> from the old settings.xml to the new one and not the "old" settings.xml file to the new installation. These are the "open with..." settings. Regards, Uwe
  13. I can see the settings.xml file at that location. I tried copying it from an install using the 4.x client into one using the 6.x client to see if that would bring them across, but it doesn't appear to have done so. Any other ideas on this? Perhaps I need to transfer other files in addition to the settings.xml file? Thanks Bobb
  14. Has the default behavior changed meanwhile? At least in build 1934 (and also some versions before that), Damion writes custom tags into JPG (I did not test TIFF, though) without creating or modifying the .ExifTool_config file. Btw., at the end of How to Write Daminion Custom Tags with ExifTool is link to this forum thread. It is broken now (probably caused by the new style of the forum). Correct is: https://forum.daminion.net/topic/3369-write-custom-tags-by-the-exiftool/
  15. Bobb, it seems, in Daminion 6, all settings are stored in %APPDATA%\Daminion Software\Daminion\1.0\Settings.xml . I don't know, if it existed in the same place in Daminion 4.x and how you might be able to transfer them to a newer client.
  16. When I point an existing 4.x client at the new Netcatalog at a 6.x server, it forces a client upgrade as expected. However once the client is upgraded all of the customizations that were in the 4.x client are gone. I don't see anything in the old 4.x server backups that allows for backing up client customizations - perhaps that was not available back in 4.x? Would those have been stored someplace like c:\user\myname\daminion on the individual user's machines? If so could they be backed up from that location and restored once the new client is in place? Thanks Bobb Menk MIT Lincoln Laboratory Library
  17. Thanks Uwe! I was able to adapt what you sent me and get a backup working. I laid out the errors I found in the documentation and the zip file download in detail in hopes that someone at Daminion would be able to correct them so the confusion doesn't spread to others. Hope they do that. Bobb Menk
  18. I'm trying to finish off a server migration and can't get the backup batch files to run on the new host. I downloaded the "How to backup" zip file and have some questions. I edited "Backup Daminion Settings.bat" and backup_thumbnails.bat to reflect the path to my backup directory (C:\Users\Public\DaminionBackups\%DATETIME%), etc. I set the username, pw and port to reflect my install in the postgresql_config.bat. However the online instructions at https://daminion.net/tutorials/how-to-backup-daminion-server say to edit the postgres connection info in something called backup_config.bat which is not included in the zip package. Is that different than the postgresql_config.bat? Looking at "Backup Daminion catalog.bat" I can see that it calls postgresql_config.bat on line 12 - I don't see any references in the "backup daminion catalog.bat" to anything called backup_config.bat. The instructions included in the zip file at "Daminion Server Backup-Restore User Guide.txt" aren't the same as the ones online. In that text file it says to edit postgresql_config.bat and then run a file called "dump_postgresql.bat" - which is not included in the zip file either. When I run "backup daminion catalog.bat" it just errors out and says it can't find postgresql_config.bat and dies. postrgresql_config.bat is in the same directory as "backup daminion catalog.bat" (C:\Users\svc-daminion-service\Documents\Daminion_batches) So which process should I be using - the one online or the one included in the zip file instructions? If I'm supposed to follow the online ones I'll need a copy of backup_config.bat. If I'm supposed to follow the one in the zip file I'll need the "dump_postrgesql.bat" file. Thanks for your help. Bobb Menk MIT Lincoln Laboratory Library
  19. Hi rene, did you check the EXIF metadata of the "Apple" file? I have some items taken by an Apple iPhome and there is this Exif lens tag: Lens Model Apple Apple Apple Apple iPhone X back dual camera 4mm f/1.8 Regarding the camera tag there is the following post: regards, Uwe
  20. Best would be, if camera model and lens could be changed like manually assigned tags. I believe, there was a discussion on that already long time ago, but I forgot what the reason was, why it is not changeable. They way it is implemented now, simply doesn't make any sense to me.
  21. Hello Wilfried, thanks, so I'm not alone with this. Let's see if there will be a solution
  22. I can only confirm having the issue that most of the images made with the same camera appear under the group for the vendor (e.g. Sony/SLT-A55V), while some of them appear alone (SLT-A55V). However, the latter applies only to an extremely small number of images (65 out 64,000), so I ignored it, even thought it's ugly anyway. For the lenses, I also realized that Daminion doesn't recognize them correctly and assigns different lens names to images actually taken with the same lens on the same camera. It doesn't look as extreme as your Apple example though, but since I don't own an iPhone, I cannot comment on that.
  23. Dear Daminion Community, I just noticed the Camera Models and lenses are not properly assignd and sorted. examples: Camera models: Canon: Apple: Panasonic: How can I merge These Cameras? lenses: the lens "APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE " is strange and I think the lenses should be sorted by manufacturer. Further we should have a heading called "Apple" below this are all apple lenses, same with the cmaera model How can I merge the Cameras into the proper Groups with renaming in order not to have any duplicates? Thank you
  24. Hello, there are the files File1.CR2 File1.XMP File1.JPG in the folder. If I export (Copy to folder) the File1.JPG also File1.XMP is exported. Does it make sense? Together with File1.CR2 yes, but not together with the JPG file. Regards, Uwe
  25. Hello, I don't have the option to work with the Goolge maps in the web client: If I close the map window and open it by ressing the icon agais I get a black window. regards, Uwe
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