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  2. Nick

    Is the forum dead?

    And yet right now there are 110 guest users onlineā€¦
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  5. Hi Murat, thanks for the answer. Please send a message when ready to test it. Regards, Uwe
  6. I've raised this bug in the issue queue. Sorry for the delay with reply.
  7. Hi Frank, please check out this video on how to set up AI tagging kind regards, Daria
  8. fhahn

    AI Tagging

    I just installed the newest version of Daminion Server and tried to select the AI Tagging. I got this message: I don't see any settings on the server portion that would allow me to enable this? I have the home server with two licenses if that helps. Thanks for any tips. Frank Hahn
  9. Uwe

    6.2 Release

    Hi xeta, here: https://daminion.net/download-server?showbuttons Regards, Uwe
  10. xeta

    6.2 Release

    Where can I get the Release?
  11. Update: I just attempted it on the recent 6.2.0 build 2010 and I'm still getting nothing but errors trying to create my custom tags.
  12. Daria, thank you for changing the file. Now everybody can download and install the correct new version.
  13. Matcho, I understood the problem, my apologies that it is still there. The guys reported they had changed the file. I will let them know that it is still an older version. Thank you for reporting and sorry for the inconveniences. Kind regards, Daria
  14. Hi Daria, it was not my question that I could not find de download location. This was already very clear for me. But the file that you can download from this location now is the wrong one. It should be version nr 2010, but you have put there version 1997 (september version). So please make it possible for everybody to download the correct file. Best regards
  15. Hello, if you go to "Help" -> "Check for Updates Online..." you get pic_1.jpg. If you click "Download", you get pic_2.jpg
  16. I too am having the same issue. Seems like no combination of settings while creating new Custom Tags will work right now. Kind of a bummer since I was so excited to finally have synonyms in custom tags, but now I can't make any custom tags at all... (Daminion 6.2.0 build 1997 on Win10 Pro)
  17. Hi Daria, there is no Build 2010. The download ist the old Build 1997. The download for Daminion Server ist 2010. Have a nice evening. Pictor
  18. Hi Matcho, sorry for the confusion. Please download the latest version from here. Please make sure your Free Updates period is still active, otherwise, your license will get inactive after installing the new version Kind regards daria
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  20. I received an email, telling me that there was (after five months) a new version 6.2. I checked the download page and see that the new version is dated Nov. 5, 2019. However the new downloaded version is dated Sep. 30, 2019. Can you please give us the latest version as published on your website.
  21. Daminion shows a different exposure time than EXIF Tool does. Version 6.2.0 build 1960 .
  22. Hello all! I'm new to Daminion (6.2.0 build 1997 on Win10 home) but trying to create hierarchical tags I get the same error as Egon.
  23. Still not fixed in official version 6.2 build 1997 Regards, Uwe
  24. Still not fixed in offcial version 6.2 build 1997. Regards, Uwe
  25. Still not fixed in official version 6.2 build 1997 Regards, Uwe
  26. It's still existing in version 6.2 build 1997. The "file.CR2.dop" remains on the disc if the "file.CR2" is deleted Regards, Uwe
  27. Not yet fixed in official build 1997. regards, Uwe
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