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  2. In Window menu there is a Preview window which you can put on the secondary monitor. Miklos
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  4. Hello, do you know if it's possible to open photo in full screen on a second screen and have tagg/keyword/catalog view on primary screen ? Thank you so much Julien
  5. Hello, I like to use keyboard shortcut to add keyword to my photos. I know that i can activate proprieties panel with CTRD+D to add keyword But, du you know how to activate Catalog Tagg panel with keyboard shortcut ? I would like to add new keyword in my catalog and after add this key word to my photo. I would like to do that only with keyboard shortcut. See an exemple with red arrow. I would to mouve to one to the other with keyboard shortcut Thank you so much. Julien
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    Sometimes I mention the "Daminion" website to friends, when they ask me for an application like Daminion. I use Daminion for a while now, and I think it is the top. But people let me know afterwards, that they could not find any possibility for downloading the application. Is there a reason that there is no "Download" button on the home page of Daminion? I see download buttons on all home pages on the internet. I think that when people can find your application easier (with a direct download link on your home page), you would get a lot more downloads of Daminion. But now it is hard to find. You have to click on <Tour> than <What is new> and than <installation packages can be found here>.
  9. What was the outcome of this? I'm using version 6 and still having a similar issue.
  10. Same for me! Just updated to Windows 1903 (Build 18362.295) and was able to open my catalog with Daminion Home server Build 1960 without any problems so far.
  11. Hi Steven, I reproduced the issue, I will register it as a bug, Thank you for reporting! Kind regards, Daria
  12. Hi Rene, please select all the files that are assigned to strange entries via CTRL+A > right click > Set Access pemissions > Public. After that you can delete that enries. These look like the traces of the old users that have been deleted from the panel but got stuck in the database Kind regards, Daria
  13. Hey Daria, I check the Access Control tab in "Properties" and found this: I never created such rule and most of them look very strange. How to undo that? Simply deleting all entries there? thank you!
  14. Hi Steven, what Daminion version are you using? Kind regards, Daria
  15. Hi Rene, seems like you are using access control. Please log in as admin, go to teh tags panel > display Acess control tag and check how many items are assigned to admin only and how many are set to public kind regards, Daria
  16. Hello Uwe, I'm running "Daminion Server Security" Where can I check whether i have a Filter Setup?
  17. check the preferences in the Admin panel please or is there any "filter " active for the Editor?
  18. Hello Uwe, My Account is the "ADMIN" Account, the others are just "EDITORS" As for the security Mode, I have no idea.I think Windows Security, because i have no Active Directory enabled
  19. Hello Rene, do all user have the same rights in Daminion? Which security mode do you use? Regards, Uwe
  20. Hello Community, not sure if it is a bug or a misconfiguring issue. When I Login via ADMIN User I see all files, though when logging in as NON-ADMIN a lot of files are missing. ADMIN USER NON ADMIN USER The Non Admin User is missing 72459 Media Files! is this a configuring issue? Can I configure User Rights somewhere? thank you!
  21. Hello, when i add the Katalog Tags#2 left in a tab, then the tab disappears, when i close Daminion and reopen Daminion. Regards Steven
  22. This seems to work correctly* now in Build 1960 - at least according to my test with three images 👍 * With "correctly" I mean, Daminion recovers the content of the Comment tag when checking in an item as it was, when the item was checked our. It will not be written to XMP or EXIF (i.e. I did not see it there), which is fine with me and I did not test with other unsynchronized tags.
  23. Yes, I was talking about web client. In build 1924 there was a map icon but it worked wrongly. In the build 1960 there is no map icon and Ican't find any setting to switch it on. Miklos
  24. True, I neglected to watch that 😔
  25. I automaticlly thought he might talk About the web Client because it is posted in this board.
  26. Miklos did not say, what client he used. Above, I was referring to the Daminion client and never used the Web client.
  27. I just logged in to the Web Client and can't find a map Window as well. Eventhough it is my first time logging in there. Where to setitup?
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