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  2. Hi! Our QNAP and Daminion is on a LAN. We need to know how to upload a selection from our web client to the google drive. Can you please help? Many thanks.
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  4. sounds like a interesting feature
  5. Hi Wilfred thanks for the feed back, I am using Damion Server.. therefore it uploads the files to the server... Version is 6.4 (2099) I am sure is something to do with the search settings.. But not sure. Its just annoying when i works one day and the next nothing..
  6. One more thing, which could be the reason for your problem: Whenever you select images for import (by drag & drop or Add Files Ctrl+I ), a dialog Choose file import pops up as shown below. Since I always have many windows open and might get interrupted with what I am doing, it happened to me that this dialog was hidden be other windows. After a while, I remembered to continue, but instead of responding to dialog, I start teh import again, which works fine. The previous Choose file import dialog is still waiting in the background! If I click Import on that dialog later on, exactly your situation will happen.
  7. What version if Daminion do you use? Works fine for me on Home Server 6.4 Build 2120. However, when I try to import an item which is already in the catalog, I also get that error message. Possibly this is what happened to you ...? Instead of Show last Import, try Imported Today under Saved Searches.
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  9. Please help. The show last import has stopped working also when i import files into the database.. It doesn't show the files listed so i have to click show all and find the entries for them via the import date.. sort.. All i get when i click show last import or import files is the following message "no items match your search criteria" Is there any way to get this to work again. Thanks.
  10. Could we please get a Max Catalog Size / quota setting per catalog? This way administrators can allocate resources across teams that share catalogs on a single server.
  11. this sounds very interesting, thanks for sharing
  12. Hello Daminion team, any positive answer? regards, Uwe
  13. Hi, It would be nice to have a shortcut which open (locate) in Explorer selected folder in Tag panel. Same as you have for thumbnail : Ctrl + Enter.
  14. Hi, It would be nice to add 'green dot' with 'Enter' key on selected folder in Tag panel. Also to exclude selected folder with 'Alt + enter' key (Red dot) (Same behaviour as Alt + Click) If selected folder has already a 'green dot', you can remove it by 'Enter' key. (Same as click) Also include 'Ctrl + Enter' (multiple selection) or 'Shift + Enter' same as you can do with mouse click. This would add great possibility when browsing folder tree with keyboard.
  15. Bug still here (and very annoying) in 2120 build.
  16. Hi Dan Would you be open to sharing your source repo? I, for one, would love to take a look.
  17. Unfortunately, this issue has not been fixed so far. We can offer a migration to Daminion Home server if you have a paid Standalone version. There is no such an issue in Daminion Home server. Kind regards, Daria
  18. Wanted to share a solution I created using AWS or facial recognition and tagging. This is just the spark notes on my flow - let me know if interested in code snippets or a more detailed write-up. There are a couple solutions using lightroom and the old picasa. When testing AWS rekognition worked WAYYYY better. I am using daminion server for home - use case is photos from family members phones, gopro, drone in one place easy to access. Process Create Database of Faces in AWS 1 time step, or multiple times when adding new faces/people AWS requires an index of faces that it uses to match. I took individual pictures of people I wanted to tag cropped them to only have the subject's face and indexed them using aws's boto3 module in python. Here I specified the 'external parameter id' field as '[lastname]|[firstname]'. That way when there is a match I have the exact tag that will be added to the photo and recognizable by daminion Match Photo The process for a single photo is as follows: Index faces in the photo (the faces will be indexed with the collection created prior) (python boto3) loop through the faces and find matches (python boto3) Matches are returned as %match. If 95% or higher save tag and move onto the next photo, if less then 95-80% tag all matched faces. Here I error'd on the side of more false positives vs more false negatives Use exiftool to add all the tags saved in step 3 Automation I have a SMB drop box. All users drop photos into the box either manually or automatically with owncloud or nextcloud. Every hour a scheduled task is run that: adds create_date to photo name if not included (iphone for example does not have a unique timestamp in file name) if file does not exist in catalog continue, otherwise delete search and tag faces in photo with python script above move photo to proper picture storage location Daminion file watching service adds it to the catalog This is for all new photos, for historical photos I used a python script to scan and tag all of them. I also add a tag of face_detected if a face was detected but no match was found. This allows for re-scanning in the event you update your face index and want to rescan.
  19. Hi Has this been fixed in 2120 ? I can't download the Standalone to test it as the link is broken. Regards
  20. Hi guys, I will clarify this question. Kind regards Daria
  21. Uwe

    PostgreSQL 12

    and the version 13 is already as Beta 1 to test. Daminion should check for an already existing installation of PostgreSQL equal or newer as the version delivered by Daminion. Regards, Uwe
  22. k1w

    PostgreSQL 12

    Is there any timeline for PostgreSQL 12 integration? I just tried reinstalling Daminion Server with PostgreSQL 12 available on my system, and it didn't seem to detect it, nor offer any place to manually configure.
  23. Hello, please check the screenshots in the attached ZIP file. The substitution of the variable %place works as long as there is a Place defined in the Places Tag. If not: no entry in the Command Tag and wrong entries for the Place and the Location in the Keywords Tag and Collection Tags (just an example). Regards, Uwe Assign_places_tag.zip
  24. Hello Jelgan, sometime ago Daria wrote a hint to save the last used sorting but I can't find it at the moment in the forum. Please try to check this setting in the Settings.XML (CTRL-F12->1.0-Settings.xml): <setting name="RestoreSorting" serializeAs="String"> <value>True</value> </setting> You can't sort by multiple criteria. Regarding the Tags: Why not using other tags, e.g. A Collection Tag "FavouritePlace01" and as subtags the Places you would like to assign to this main tag. regards, Uwe
  25. Hi, As I've started digging into Daminion a little deeper I've found a few things I wish I could do, but can't seem to find a way to do them. I've searched the forums but the info seems to be for previous versions, if anyone could offer any suggestions I'd appreciate it! Sorting: 2 questions regarding sorting. First is there a way to set the default sorting to be something other than none? I found an old post with a link saying there was a way to do it, but the link seemed dead. Second, is there a way to sort by multiple criteria? ie Color label first and then rating? Groups: I sometimes have multiple variations of the same photo that I put into a single group while searching/browsing. I assign any applicable tags to all files within the group so they are all available when I filter by tags, but I wish that the number showing how many items each tag applies to only referred to the group, not each individual file. Is there a setting (or more likely, a workaround) that will continue to allow all files in a group to appear for a given search criteria, but only register as one entry per group? Tags: Is there anyway to assign tags into both a hierarchy and a (separate) group? Currently I have locations sorted geographically (which I like) but sometimes I'd also like to have a group of "favorite locations" using the existing tags if possible. I guess I'm kind of trying to tag the tags. Anyway to do this? Thanks!
  26. Hi Uwe, Alex made some changes and fixes, let's wait for the new build and test it Daria
  27. Hello, now I'm really "confused". The problem exists only if I work with my default catalog "NetCatalog", not with a local catalog or other shared catalogs (NetCatalog1...n). But this is not the end of the story - it is much stranger. The NetCatalog manages the files in the the folders 01_Foto_00, 05_Foto_01, 07_Foto_02. All folders are on the same drive F: on the NAS. The bug exists only for files in the folder 01_Foto_00. It works with the other folders - they are in the same catalog and I work as Admin with the same user in Daminion. Daria has the backup of the NetCatalog, the NetCatalog.log file and the errors.txt file. There are some strange ERROR and WARN information. Regards, Uwe
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